Regarding Sales and Commissions:

Should you desire to own a physical print of a photo (or of an alternative print artwork) shown on this site for display in your home or business; even thoough the primary focus of this site is to serve as a gallery for sharing images, we can make such an arrangement easily enough.

Please first read through the details on Fine Art Printmaking (or Alternative Printmaking) to get an understanding of what can be accomplished and what is involved in the process, as there are a myriad of options and nuance to each printed work. Your application may call for a specific type of paper, mood or presentation to ensure the most pleasing or appropriate result.

Note there are limits to what I would agree to, as I do need to retain a level of artistic control as well... obviously I would not release a print for display that I felt would tarnish my artistic reputation or my intent regarding the image. This should be easy enough to understand.

Framing/matting and other presentation formats are also possible. You could choose to purchase a print only, or have us finish the product ready to display upon receipt.

Commissions have been entertained in the past; including individual and family portraiture, corporate events, conceptual works, industrial manufacturing photography, and others. Such commissions are certainly available and may be negotiated. Wedding photography is not on the table as an option however.

All product will be shipped appropriately to ensure safe and undamaged receipt (prints could be shipped in a mailing tube or flat as required) and a certificate of authenticity and/or maker’s mark documentation will be enclosed.

Also, while the rules regarding the commercialization of art and photography should be clear to all, apparently many still do not understand copyright; ownership of the image always remains with the artist/photographer and is never transferred in the sale of a print. No-one may use any product sold to them for commercial purposes or gain. (Private third-party resale of the original print for profit is of course allowed, and has nothing to do with copyright protections.)

Considering the degree of personalization/customization implied in much of what has been described above, there is no “price list” or rate. Every sale is a negotiation based on the relevant factors; fixed costs/expenses (materials, time, shipping, etc.) and of the intangibles.

To initiate a conversation concerning a purchase (or commission) please contact us via email at: